Traditional & Natural

Neusan is a brand created with the aim of promoting the use of healthy foods. Neusan is indicated for health minded people with an active lifestyle who want to enjoy an occasional treat or sweet snack.

Our basic product is the wafer roll, a traditional sweet reinvented applying the latest healthy food trends.

At Neusan, we are convinced that a healthy diet combined with physical activity are key to maintaining good health. Natural and quality products are increasingly more appreciated as part of a healthy diet. With this in mind, we have developed four wafer roll and three snack bar lines that stand out due to their high nutritional value, their healthy features and traditional preparation methods.



Innovation and Technology

Neusan is a company with vast experience in the manufacture of wafer rolls and sweet treats. Among the values that support us are transparency, proximity to our customers, raw ingredient quality, innovation and technology.

Certification IFS Food Num CC-IFS 28/18
which guarantees maximum safety in the food produced.

“Our vocation is to promote the consumption of healthy food products without giving up the taste of a sweet treat. We use our own formulas and apply the latest technologies to innovate in all processes. “