Wafer Rolls and Bars

“Thanks to the ingredients and to our innovative recipes, we have obtained tasty products that help us maintain a natural and healthy diet.”







Our Ingredients

At Neusan, we use natural ingredients that provide widely proven health benefits. Among our most common ingredients are:


Spelt is an ancient cereal from the wheat species that is greatly appreciated due to its nutritional features. A protein rich cereal (with essential amino acids such as lysine) with a high content of fibre, minerals (phosphorus, iron and magnesium) and vitamins (particularly vitamins of the B group, vitamin E and beta carotene).


Nuts are a good source of healthy fats, vitamins, antioxidants and fibre. They are an essential part of the Mediterranean diet and provide a lot of energy. Almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts also contain nutrients that help prevent cholesterol.


A sugar substitute that is a lot more natural and nutritious. Panela is noted for being a 100% natural and organic product. Among its benefits, we can highlight its wide range of vitamins (especially B group vitamins, in addition to Vitamins A, C, D and E) and minerals (particularly calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, copper, zinc and manganese).


A cereal with a high content of fibre and Omega 3 fatty acids that helps “clean” your arteries from cholesterol and regulates blood sugar levels. It is also rich in protein and contains a large amount of amino acids that increase the production of lecithin in the liver, thus improving the removal of toxins from the body.

Sesame seeds

Sesame seed provide many nutritional benefits, such as healthy fats, phytosterols, vitamins and minerals. Thanks to their nutritional composition, they are the perfect ally to prevent and fight health issues such as high cholesterol.


Dates are an energy packed fruit that is also rich in natural sugars and nutrients. It contains minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and potassium, that help to develop healthy bones and teeth. In addition to this, dates are a good source of fibre and Vitamins A, B, C and D. Among its features, we can highlight their energising and anti oxidant properties.


Cocoa is packed with minerals, vitamins and fibre. Its antioxidant content helps prevent age related issues. In addition to this, cocoa has high levels of minerals and vitamins, as well as tryptophan, that helps fight anxiety, depression, irritability, etc.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds have many functional features for our body.  They are also an excellent source of fibre, antioxidants, calcium, protein and plant based Omega 3 fatty acids. Furthermore, they help regulate blood sugar levels, as well as improving regularity and as a weigh loss aid.


Collagen is a protein that is produced naturally by our body. However, its production decreases with age. Collagen plays a major role in the creation and regeneration of tissue, such as skin, bone and muscle. By consuming collagen, we can obtain several health benefits to improve our tissue and skin elasticity.


Spirulina is an algae with many beneficial features for our health. Thanks to its high vitamin and mineral content, it is ideal to help with hair growth and skin smoothness. In addition to this, it can provide high mineral content and it is a great protein source.


Magnesium is an essential mineral for the human body. Since our bodies cannot produce it, it must be consumed on a regular manner. Magnesium is also vital in providing energy. and particularly crucial for those leading an active lifestyle. Magnesium also plays an important role in the nervous system and muscle work

“Natural and quality products are increasingly more appreciated as part of a healthy diet. We avoid the use of palm oil and refined sugars, and instead focus on ingredients with proven health benefits such as oats, nuts, spelt, dates, panela and seeds.”